Chilliwack Fair (August 9-11th, 2019)

Poster Theme for 2019 " is "Worms in Your Garden"

The annual Chilliwack Fair and Exhibition gives the participants a chance to show off their work to the whole city! Having worked very hard all summer, the produce from their gardens are ready to display (and eat too!).

Students can enter the Chilliwack Fair in a number of ways. The first and simplest is to create a poster with this year’s theme "WORMS IN YOUR GARDEN". This poster is a chance for participants to show their creative side, and guidelines can be found in the package given with seeds. They can represent the theme in any way they like, with pictures, drawings, poetry, and so much more! 

Participants who want to display produce from their garden have a number of options too. They can enter either OR BOTH of the two categories: Group exhibit and individual exhibit. For Instructions on how to prepare produce for the fair see the instructions on Preparation for Fair entry.docx

The group exhibit includes ALL of the varieties that the student has in their garden. Samples of everything must be present for the exhibit to qualify for prizes. Only ONE vase with all the flower varieties is required. Group exhibits will be judged against other group exhibits of gardens from the same category (ie Junior small, Junior regular, etc.).  You are also welcome to use your products for the Home and Garden Entry.pdf. For this entry, you can fill out the Home and Garden Entry Form.pdf, and bring it to the Fair office at Heritage Park (Behind the building near the Rodeo).

The individual exibit is a chance for participants to show the parts of their garden which excelled. Students may enter each of their varieties individually, but do not have to enter all of them. Here, each variety is judged against the submissions from other gardeners in the same category (ie Junior, Intermediate, or Senior). Again, guidelines can be found on the website, and only one vase with ALL flower varieties is required for the flower submission.

FOR EXAMPLE, if a student is growing beets, beans, carrots, cucumber, marigolds, and cosmos, then the group exhibit will have a plate of beets, one of carrots, one of cucumber, and one of beans, as well as one vase containing BOTH marigolds and cosmos. The same student may choose to enter the individual exhibit as well, but choose to enter a flower arrangement, and a carrot plate, but choose not to enter beets and beans and cucumbers. They will submit a second flower vase, and a second carrot plate, but these will be placed in the individual exhibit section. The student could also choose to enter only the individual category, and not the group exhibit.

The more produce you enter in the fair, the more chance you have to win! Every submission is awarded a ribbon. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place submissions will win cash prizes, as well as points toward the AGGREGATE trophy.


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